We’ve done successful fundraisers for numerous parishes and groups in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, throughout the U.S., plus were booking now for parishes, high schools, and other theaters and organizations throughout the Chicagoland area. We feature two characters: Mother Superior works the comedy in the Chicagoland area, but the Archdiocese sends out its newest character, Mrs. Mary Margaret O'Brien on the road.

It’s a really good fundraiser.

The cost to have Put the Nuns in Charge! come and do the show, which lasts about an hour and fifty minutes, is $10 a ticket with a $3,000 guaranteed payment. We would need a deposit of $1,500 at the time you sign and return a contract, then the remaining amount on the day of the performance.

In addition, we provide:
1. All performers.
2. A stage manager to run sound and lights.
3. All costumes and hand props for the actors (including puppets, rosaries, holy cards.)
4. All music in conjunction with the show.
5. A photo for your use in promoting the show.
6. Programs.

You will have to provide:
1. All furniture (a desk, chair, blackboard, and lectern).
2. A cassette or CD sound system and an area for the stage that is well-lighted.
3. A wireless body microphone for our actress.
4.. We need a sound system to run our music.
5. A representative as our on-site liaison for technical and other performance matters.
6. A secured dressing room area, with a mirror, an ironing board and iron.
7. Some kind of refreshments--cheese & crackers, Sprite, Coke, water in the dressing room.

We spell everything out in the contract.

Ticket sales are in the $20 to $25 range, but it’s up to you to figure out what your parishioners and the residents of the area can afford. You could charge $25 for a single ticket and $40 for a couple of tickets. At the Royal George Theater in Chicago, we sell the tickets for $30.

The more successful benefits combine the performance with a cash bar, gourmet coffee and desserts. St. James took the entire gym, set up 500 chairs, had a giant cash bar, served coffee and sweets, had a handful of tiny tables in the back of the room for people to sit and chat. It was a giant success. Many parishes use the church for the performance and then have the food and drinks in the parish hall or basement.

You could also think of having items to auction off. Since it’s a fundraiser, you probably won’t have trouble getting local restaurants to donate dinner tickets, service ($20 worth of drycleaning, etc.) or other items. At our parish, the item that received the highest bid was a dinner for four to be prepared by our pastor!

If you’re interested , please contact:
Vicki Quade

Our office number is 773-388-0730


Have Nun,
Have Fun,
Will Travel

Looking to book a fun and exciting evening that’s a great fundraiser?

Consider the comedy:
Put the Nuns in Charge!

Have Nun, Have Fun, Will Travel